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— запись видео 640x480
— без экрана
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 72°
— микрофон
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 29304

A review of a cheap Mini DV Spy Micro SD Cam.
PLEASE NOTE - Jerkyness was caused by a poor quality SD Card - not the camera.The video was taken with the AEE MD80 video camera mounted on the dash (clipped to the GPS mount). The video camera takes microSD memory cards. This video was taken using the card that came in the package. It is a somewhat slow card which resulted in around 20 FPS rather than the expected 30 FPS. I will test it using a Class 6 microSD later. Audio is very sensitive. Given the cameras extremely small size (2" tall and 50 grams) it did an adequate job. Definitely not a video camera to use if you need alot of detail. Good for track events and other sports.

Download TAG.TXT file PLEASE READ: there are plenty of other videos showing you how to set the time/date on your MD80 type camera, so if this one doesn't explain it well enough have a look in the related videos. I just put this quick How-To up because several people asked me how to set the time/ date. Music by Lorendis, the Airship Song (GNU License). Screen recorded with CamStudio (Free Public Domain)Temps broke into the 60's Visit my blog for drivers, specs and more information on this product.
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AEE MagiCam SD18 Car Edition




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