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— запись видео 1920x1080
— ЖК-экран 1.50"
— G-сенсор
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 120°
— микрофон
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 257520

Full HD автомобильный видеорегистратор Vico TF2, тестовая съемка ночью
Подробнее на Рівне нічна зйомка відеореєстратор Atom VCR-205 7.03.12Ночная съемка видеорегистратором BlackVue DR400G - IIОбзор видеорегистратора Видеорегистратор CUBOT X8L от:

Модель: CUBOT X8L
Корпус: Пластик
Сенсор: CMOS
Эффективных пикселей: 5.0mpx и 1.3mpx
Угол захвата: 140* и 90*
Дисплей: 2.4 дюйма
Видео: 1280 x 720
Фото: Нет данных
Аудио: Стерео
Детектор движения: Да
Автостарт: Да
LED: 4 (IR подсветка)
Микрофон: Есть
Расширение памяти: TF до 32GB
GPS Логгер: ДаA continuation from my previous video...
From previous videos all my recordings have been flying and switching views at the same time. To make video making a bit easier I decided to go about making a black-box to record all the variables to disk. I started by thinking up of a solution that is as generic as possible.

So following several days of brainstorming and arriving to a rather simple idea I decided to implement it over the weekend. I managed to code a generic data recorder that takes offsets into any objects you give it to serialise member variables of primitive types ; i.e. floats, integers, to a memory stream.

I also inherited from this class a new C++ class; "FlightRecorder", where I code in a set of specific requirements involving the aircraft heading through 359 degrees to 0 degrees wrap to avoid sudden jumps in data interpolation and thus visual abnormalities when in playback mode; real time and playback time obviously do not match.

I performed a shaky landing in a stable cross wind of 10 knots from the right coming in very high. Because of the way the data or flight recorder works on generic memory I was able to tell it very quickly to snapshot a set of objects that record all the various variables including wheel suspension and flap positions automatically. Upon replay or play back the data recorder would play through the various parameters interpolating them through time to keep the play back in real time.

I also added a load and save function which writes and reads the memory stream to a file without any further translations.
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