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— запись видео 1280x720
— 2 канала записи
— ЖК-экран 2.50"
— G-сенсор
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 120°
— микрофон
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 318792

84" Class (78.5 Diagonal) 2160p Smart w/ webOS 3D Ultra HD 4K TV
The premium UB9800 series ULTRA HD TV line-up lets you enjoy stunning 4K resolution on the big screen. It is equipped with our exclusive Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro, which upscales SD or HD content in lifelike, near-ULTRA HD so everything you watch will be enhanced. And, because we use an IPS panel colors maintain even at wide viewing angles. Now any seat is the best seat in the house.
Disclaimers: Internet connection and certain subscriptions required, sold separately. The Magic Remote does not come equipped with all LG Smart TV enabled TVs and a separate purchase may be required. 4K/UHD content delivery standards still being developed. 3D video content may cause discomfort. Visit www.lg.com for details.
lg 84ub9800
lg 84ub9800 price2-х канальный видеорегистратор с вынесенной камерой2 канальный видеорегистратор со второй выносной камерой, Разрешение виде 1280х720 (на одну камеру камеры), вторая камера 720х480 максимальное разрешение, Сенсор 5 Мп Color CMOSYellowBrickCinema is home to the best and most effective Sleep Music, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music (including Tibetan Music and Shamanic Music), Healing Music, Study Music, Reiki Music, Zen Music and Spa Music.
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? Видео со второй вынесенной камеры, установленна у заднего стекла (съемка производится через тонированное стекло)
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