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— без камеры
— запись видео 704x576 при 25 к/c
— 4 канала записи
— без экрана
— видеовыход
— артикул 349872

From our Gamut range, the Bullet CCTV Camera with 650 TV Lines, Sony Super HAD CCD imaging chip and 30 metre infra-red night vision. Find out more about this product:
Product Code: OBVFW30BP
If you have a question about any of our products you can call our support team on (+44) 0117 325 2470 or e-mail us info@spycameracctv.com
Surveillance sometimes needs a more subtle approach and that is the right moment to use something like the DBTech 4-in-1 HD Pen Video Camera that we have right here.It is small, classy looking and giving you the perfect way to record everything in front of you without having to use a camera that actually looks like a camera. Just point it in the direction you want and you are going to have awesome looking HD videos that are going to be as good as can be when you watch them.Вечер после дождя
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