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— запись видео 1280x720 при 30 к/c
— без экрана
— G-сенсор
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 120°
— микрофон
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 365856

We give you a presentation of BlackVue DR380G HD so you can see for yourself...
The BlackVue is 100% real Korean quality not Chinese imitation.
The camera has
• HD Premium Video and Audio
• CMOS Sensor Supporting 2.0M Pixels camera lens
• Various Recording Option
• Auto switching to parking mode
• Built in High Performance GPS
• Built in G sensor
• Universal File Format MP4
• Voice Guide & LED Indicator
• Video Out
• Smart Phone Viewer BlackVue APP (Android)
• Specialised BlackVue Software
• Advanced Setting
It has NO suction cup, NO complicated holder, NO bulky object on your windscreen that may block your precious view!! 
Most importantly, it is so small which hides behind the rear view mirror and will not block driver's precious view.
Whether the car is parked or driven, the car camera tends to work in every circumstance and captures all scenarios with great clarity. 
The recorded video files in MP4 format can be played back immediately in most smart phones or any PCs without any hassle for conversion process. 
Main benefits having a car camera:
• Provides irrefutable evidence in the road traffic accident such as date &? time, video, impact or G sensors, direction of vehicle, speed can be recorded. 
• Clear identification of cause and consequences in a car accident
• Reduces the time taken to settle an insurance claim
• Provides protective measures against reckless drivers
• Surveillance comfort for your mind when you are away from your vehicle
• Prevention of unethical situations such as hit & run and theft
• Promoting road safety and educating the public via video footage
• Better management and efficient fleet maintenance
• GPS mapping overlay Google Map shows exactly where the vehicle had been. 
• Supervision of speed, driving route and behavior
• Reduces fleet costs and ensure drivers are abiding by the company rules.

About Us
Safety-Gadgets.com is an online shop that gives you the opportunity to purchase 100% original quality products ?that have trusted trademarks from our selected suppliers
We are not going to sell imitation / copy products that has not been proved/tested by us.
We are committed to making you a satisfied costumer.
At our shop you are 100% sure of getting the real BlackVue products.  ?Safety-Gadget.com is giving you real Korean quality not Chinese imitation.
Why Buy from Us??
?We are an authorized BlackVue Internet dealer . Also only Authorized Dealers have the expertise to provide you with the best pre and post sales after care service. Be very careful to only purchase an ORIGINAL BlackVue from an authorized dealer.
Safety-Gadget.com is an online shop in Thailand. We are the first authorized BlackVue Internet dealer in Thailand.
We will give you the option to buy ORIGINAL BlackVue quality Black Box Car Camera.
The products sold on Safety-Gadgets.com deliver excellent high technology vehicle solutions that are easy to use and install.Blackvue DR380G:
Blackvue DR380G + PMP:
BlackVue DR380G-HD Unboxing
The first sleek compact Drive Recorder with a quick release mounting bracket designed for the private motorist as well as commercial vehicles.
Ideal for all applications such as Police, Ambulances, Fire Service, Couriers, Hauliers, Taxi, Fleet operators and Private Cars and many more.
It also features a unique "Motion Sense" when parked. If an object or person comes into the field of view when the vehicle is parked, then the BlackVue will save the file as a parking mode file. This will assist when somebody damages a vehicle whilst parked.Распаковка Blackvue DR380G-HD@Kirin Restaurant in Vancouver, BC. A driver parks and checks out my Audi. I lowered my car and have matte black Avant Garde M310 rims. Plus a tow license plate.
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