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Не плохой видеореристратор, поворотный дисплей, пульт, ночная съемка. Но видео могло быть и по лучше, правда возможно не за эти деньги. Пока что тестирую бюджетные модели. В солнечный день картинка будет еще четче, цифра любит солнце.
Today on our 2011 Mazda3 well be test fitting the Thule Flat Top Ski and Snowboard Carrier with a six ski or four board capacity, part number th92725. With a Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack System assembled onto our vehicle, well begin our test fit by placing half of our carrier onto the front part of our roof rack. Once we have it situated where we like, we can bring the rubber-coated steel strap around our load bar and back into the foot of our carrier. Once we have both straps in place we can use the attached hand knob to tighten them down. With half or our carrier secured well grab the other half and place it on our rear bar. Well bring the rubber-coated steel straps around the bar, fit them back into the carrier, and use the hand knobs to tighten them down.
Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.Introductory video for the Casting Call: Microsoft Career Factor for the Career Advancement Seeker story arc.This video was made to give tribute to a teacher who inspires and touches not only the minds but also the hearts of her students.

A teacher who can manage her time well both for her family and her chosen career " Teaching".
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