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— две камеры
— ЖК-экран 2.70"
— G-сенсор
— аккумулятор
— микрофон
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 584304

Carvun F60 Dual camera GPS HD720p 2.7" screen Car DVR From ebay $99.35NZD + $15NZD for GPS and Free shipping. I think all these DVR's are made by the same company which is funny because of all the different types, shapes & features, they still haven't made a really good one. I should have done the F30 review first. I really like the design of the "F" series DVR's the large screen & camera placement & movement but they stuffed it up using MOV files & crap program. The shock sensor was very very insensitive regardless of setting and could get it to trip even when turned off in the menu.
The unit does not come with a remote as stated on the box
The program for viewing files does not show GPS and shock sensor data as stated on the box it only shows google map. The software does not have image capture or print as stated on the box.Carvun F60 Dual camera car DVR GPS. How to modify to hold a 16mm or 12mm lens or any other size and replacing the standard T mount with a more stable and more commonly available 4 prong mount. This video was filmed with my L3000 720p car DVR as it is better quality than my normal camera. Due to a corrupt file 5 seconds is missing right when I stick the mount to the DVR but you get the idea. Stupid MOV files.L3000 Carvun Separate Dual camera 720p GPS Car DVR. I ordered this at the same time I ordered the Carvun F60 and I don't know why, it has none of the features I like in a DVR other than a large screen and GPS. It was about $91NZD + 15 for the GPS antenna.Интернет магазин www.AutoDVR.com.ua - качественные и недорогие видеорегисnраторы.купить можно на сайте autothing.ru
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