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Hey guys hows it goin!!?? James here and today with another tut video, this is on how to find the two tigers from the DLC bundle (also with other cool syuff). Pretty simple vid and the new animals look pretty cool. Anyway if you like the vid and it helped please leave a like, favourite if you are feeling crazy and comment for your thoughts, and ont forget to SUBSCRIBE if you want more helpful vids on Farcry 3 and other games. Anyawy i'll see ya'll next time, cheers!!Far Cry 3 is terug met nog meer gekheid. De Deluxe Bundel is de eerste DLC voor Far Cry 3 en bevat nieuwe wapens, dieren en missies. Voor 800MSP op Xbox Live en €9,99 op PlayStation Network.
Deze video is onderdeel van .Приятного просмотра!What's up guys and welcome to episode 10 of my NFS Most Wanted Deluxe DLC Test Drives and in this one I review the most famous car in Need For Speed history, the 2004 BMW M3 GTR from the original Most Wanted. If you enjoy this video guys then please leave a like and if you are new to my channel then also please subscribe for more videos. The next episode will be the 2013 Porsche 918 Spyder, until then guys, Peace Out!!!!Probando el Need for speed
need for speed most wanted 2 dlc need for speed test nfsmw
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