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— запись видео 1920x1080 при 30 к/c
— ЖК-экран 2.70"
— G-сенсор
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 120°
— микрофон
— встроенная память 256 Мб
— артикул 876456

запись видео 1920x1080 при 30 к/с, 1280x720 при 60 к/с , с экраном 2.7" 960x240, датчик движения (G-сенсор), работа от аккумулятора, угол обзора 160°, подключение к телевизору по HDMI. Внимание! В разделе Видеорегистраторы есть ночная съемка со звуком.
Описание по ссылке:Erisson VR-F109 Подробный обзор посмотрите здесь lq2jha7 Erisson VR-F109- это видеорегистратор, который украсит интерьер вашего автомобиля. Вас также порадует качество отснятого видео. Обзор камеры Erisson VR-F109 составляет 130 градусов.запись видео 1920x1080 при 30 к/с, 1280x720 при 60 к/с , с экраном 2.7" 960x240, датчик движения (G-сенсор), работа от аккумулятора, угол обзора 160°, подключение к телевизору по HDMI. Описание:Hyperloop vs. world's fastest trains
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Just how fast would the Hyperloop transportation system envisioned by entrepreneur Elon Musk have to be? Try more than twice as fast as the fastest commercial train in the world.
On Monday, Musk unveiled details about what he called a highly speculative project. But, when the guy speculating has already sent private rockets into outer space, you can't count him out.
Musk believes the Hyperloop, with giant vacuum-like tubes and an air-bearing suspension system, could ferry riders from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes.
That's a roughly 350-mile trip, meaning the futuristic capsules would be zipping along at almost 700 mph -- faster than most commercial airliners and slightly less than the speed of sound.
By contrast, the train believed to be the world's fastest -- China's Shangai Maglev Train, has been recorded at a top speed of 311 mph. But its top operating speed is 268 mph, meaning it would take just under an hour and 20 minutes to make the same trip. Bullet trains like that one operate on a frictionless magnetic-levitation system, but Musk believes such technology would be too expensive for Hyperloop.
Musk has said he was inspired to promote Hyperloop, in part, by seeing plans in California for high-speed trains that, in his mind, don't reach their full potential.
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