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Celebrities endorsing products isn't anything new. But when they start endorsing financial products targeted to kids ages 12-18 do they cross a line? Retail analyst and Chief Research Officer Hitha Prabhakar talks about the Justin Bieber credit card and what parents should be aware of when signing their kids up for it.
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Product: Pinnacle Dazzle Capture Card
PC: HP Pavilion g series laptop, yeah, that's right. A laptop. Eat that desktoppers! This of course runs on Windows 7, 500 GB memory, top of the line total bad ass.
Editing software not used as this is only a small sample.
Totally beats a camcorder in front of the television set any day.
Gaming With Humor Season Three - coming soon.Watch more How to Make Pop-Up Cards & Crafts videos:
Learn how to make boxes for pop-up cards and crafts in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.

Woman: I'm going to teach you now how to make a box. Take a piece of card stock for your base page and fold it in half. Match up the edges in the corners as closely as possible and crease the edge down and set it aside.
To make a box, you're going to need a long strip, or a long rectangle of card stock, and we're going to make a box roughly two inches high so mark out two inches. We're going to cut this entire length. Make it as straight as possible. If you feel comfortable, you can take a ruler and an exacto blade and cut it out. Or you can take scissors. It doesn't matter. It's completely up to you.
So now that we have our long rectangle strip to make a box, we're going to fold it in half, match the edges as close as possible, and crease the middle.
Before we unfold it, we're going to do that again. We're going to fold the middle to the edge. Line up your edges again as closely as possible and crease it. And unfold.
Now we have four equal sides for our box. And what we're going to do is refold them inwards so that we can create a box shape. On the open ends, we're going to put tape on the inside. So take a piece of tape, put the sticky side up, and match the edges. And now we have a box.
To attach it to the base page, we're going to close the box. Line up the corner. Here's a fold line. Line up that corner with the center line of the base page. And line up the bottom edge of the house, roughly 45 degree angle. You can make it smaller. You can make it a little wider. 45 degrees is a nice round area for the house.
So now that we've taped that side down, we can actually lift up the house and move it over so we can tape down the other side. And take a piece of tape, tape it down on the top edge of your box and fold the sticky side back to reveal the back side of the tape. Now what we're going to do is close the base page onto that sticky piece of tape, and unfold it. And now you have your box.
And that's how we make a box.
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