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— запись видео 1280x720
— ЖК-экран 2.50"
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 120°
— микрофон
— видеовыход
— microSD (microSDHC)
— артикул 891552

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Product: Pinnacle Dazzle Capture Card
PC: HP Pavilion g series laptop, yeah, that's right. A laptop. Eat that desktoppers! This of course runs on Windows 7, 500 GB memory, top of the line total bad ass.
Editing software not used as this is only a small sample.
Totally beats a camcorder in front of the television set any day.
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00:50 Introducing +Terry Leigh Britton
02:20 Introducing +Molly Youngblood Geiger
03:20 How and Why YouTube Is Changing - Annotations & YouTube Info Cards
04:20 Annotations Can Be Turned "Off" by the Viewer
05:10 Introducing +Nick Nimmin
06:19 Why YouTube Info Cards Were Created and The Types of Cards Available
09:50 Associated Website YouTube Info Card - you can associate more than one website!
10:50 Fundraising YouTube Info Card
11:30 Merchandise YouTube Info Card
12:10 Approved YouTube Info Cards Merchandise and Fundraising Examples and Links
13:40 Musicians and Artists - Patreon is supported by YouTube Info Cards!
14:20 YouTube Info Card - Playlist
14:45 Google Non-Profit Program and eligibility!
28:25 Fan Funding YouTube Info Card - specifically for Music or Artistic Videos
21:00 YouTube Info Card graphic image dimensions - 500x500 pixels
23:07 How To Set Up Merchandise YouTube Info Cards - Best Practices
25:45 YouTube Info Cards Image Dimensions - You don't have to be a graphic design artist)
28:00 Titling and Tagging Your YouTube Videos - Best Practices
31:45 Tagging Your YouTube Videos - Tool! Free Chrome Extension - VidIQ Vision (tip: disable the extension when not using)
33:00 How Many Tags Are Best To Use?
34:00 Molly shares a Case Study
36:20 Nick talks about helpful Keyword Planner software
37:37 Long-tailed Keywords and Phrases - Why You Need To Use Them
38:40 Terry gives a demonstration of the VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension - How Easy Is This?!?
41:50 What You Can Do With Your YouTube Description and Comment Section
45:00 Copyright Issues To Be Aware of on YouTube Live Events and Google Hangouts On Air
50:56 Molly shares Copyright Best Practices for YouTube
52:15 Nick's Tips: Make It Fun and Easy To Find!
Link to Google Plus Hangouts On Air Event Comment Stream:
Google Chrome App for optimizing YouTube Tags:
Spring into 2015 with us as we delve into YouTube with +Terry Leigh Britton +Molly Youngblood Geiger and +Nick Nimmin who’ll be sharing valuable advice and tips on;  
?  How YouTube is changing
?  What YouTube Info Cards are
?  How you can save time and optimize your videos 
?  What you need to know about YouTube copyright issues.  
Sure to be a fun and informative Show, we welcome all questions, comments and tips from you before, during and after the Show.
+Terry Leigh Britton  -      
*Terry Leigh Britton hails from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and enjoys giving to the Google Plus community in many ways*.  He brings laughter throughout his comments and participation in the PlusWord Game Shows many how-to videos on his YouTube  channel:   and works with the community to help them learn how to democratize education on the Internet.  Terry also is producing a new series called, *Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show*: 
+Molly Youngblood Geiger - *Marketing On Line Leveraging YouTube* Community - 
Her company, Design Right 4 U hails from Jacksonville, Florida.
Molly is a Google Community Ambassador, Google Business Advisor, Google Helpout Provider, and Google Partners Community Rising Star.
+Nick Nimmin offers great YouTube tips on his YouTube Channel:  where he shares tips, tricks, skills and concepts he's learned from 8 years of working online.  This ranges from software tutorials,advice about making and editing videos, productivity hacks and more.
#EVCT   #Youtube #YoutubetipsWatch more How to Make Pop-Up Cards & Crafts videos:
Learn how to make a pull tab for a pop-up card in the first video of a 2-part Howcast series with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.

I'm now going to show you how to make pull tabs. Take a piece of card stock; I've cut mine in half and we're going to fold it in half for the base page. Match the edges and the corners together and crease it really well.
Now for a pull tab it actually goes underneath the base page; so we're not going to open it up like a pop up. The mechanics are actually going to go inside here and this is the backing piece to cover it.
What we're going to do is we're going to mark a slot on the base page about an inch and a half wide and an eighth of an inch tall. Our pull tab is going to come through there. Take the Exacto blade and very carefully cut out a slot. Take another piece of card stock. Make sure it is just under the height of your base page. This one is a little tall so I'm going to trim it down in a minute but we also want to make sure this piece is a little smaller than the slot we've just created. What I'm going to do is underneath the slot I'm going to put the second piece of card stock underneath, line it up so you can just barely see the edge of this piece. I'm going to mark where the slot is so I have a good idea as to how wide the pull tab is going to be. I'm going to make it a little smaller than what we just marked.
Take a pair of scissors and cut right on that mark all the way to the top. Mine was a little too tall so I'm just going to knock off about a quarter inch. Now we have what's going to end up being the pull tab. If we slip it underneath we can see that's going to be the pull tab; that's going to pull down and it's going to push back up.
For this one I'm actually going to make a little mouth, very much like a little puppet. I'm going to cut out a rectangle and I'm going to close it up again. I'm going to mark on the back of the base page where that square is. We're just going to fill that in, outside of the lines, with a pencil or a marker or a darker shade of paper. You can now see the opening. When I put my pull tab in there you can see that it covers it. It opens and closes, opens and closes. But it's wobbly right now so when you have pull tabs you're going to have to anchor it down. Next I'm going to show you how to secure the pull tab to the back of the card.
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