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— запись видео 640x480
— без экрана
— аккумулятор
— угол обзора 72°
— микрофон
— артикул 2065488

MD80 mini DVR Sports Video Camera. Пример видеозаписи в конце видеообзора.
Миниатюрная видео камера MD80, предназначена для скрытой записи видео. На компьютере определяется как флешка, а если нажать кнопку MODE то работает как вэб-камера! За такую цену вполне соответствует запросам.
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Features :
Compact design, wide product UV coating machine, wearable and fashion and a variety of portable tools
Support net-camera, it has net-chatting function.
Support AVI video format
The high-definition images also can be recorded in the weak illumination
Support video and 30 frames per second video recording speed.
Support the common USB1.1 and the USB2.0 interface with high-speed transmission
The maximum size of T-flash card is 8Gb (not included)
The power of the built-in lithium battery can last for 2 hours' videoing and the standby time is 250 hours.

Package Included:
1 x MD80 Mini DV Dvr Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x Clip-On Adapter
2 x Bracket
1 x Rope
1 x CD Driver
1 x User manualShowing a simple way of mounting an MD80 camera in a helmet, and a test video on my Honda 250 Jade.

Thanks to:

The video records at 720x480, 31fps, using 4gb per hour. I am using a 4gb Verbatim class 6 micro SD card.I took a short ride with the car just to test and show you the quality.
The resolution is 720*480 with 30 fps, and its pretty good.

Sometimes it lags, but it is just cause the MicroSD card. With a better one (higher quality) it doesn't lag anything.

I even tried it as a web cam and it works good to.

Just comment if you have any questions =)
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