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Asia "Gravitas". Order on iTunes: and Amazon: (REG) (DELUXE)Asia- Heat Of The Moment music videoTravel video about destination South East Asia.
South East Asia is a fascinating, atmospheric and exotic world full of unspoiled nature and cultural treasures and a region in which both past and present live side by side and unite in a wonderful way. Myanmar, The Land Of Golden Pagodas: for decades the rulers of what was once known as Burma closed the country’s doors to the outside world and many of its fine religious sanctuaries were badly neglected but they have now gradually been given the respect that they deserve. Inlay Lake is home to the Inthas, one of the many tribes that came to Myanmar from various of South East Asia’s neighbouring countries. Throughout the area are the floating plantations of the Inthas on which tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are cultivated. A journey on the Shan State Express provides passengers with a fascinating insight into the life of the Shan people whose lives are dominated by agriculture. The north west of Myanmar is known for its many splendid sacred buildings such as Mingun’s Hsinbyume Pagoda that was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was constructed according to the architectural rules of Hindu Buddhist cosmology and symbolizes the World Mountain of Meru.. One of Taiwan’s most important centres of arts and crafts is located in the west of the island, Lukang, an ancient and idyllic town full of age-old traditions whose large number of beautiful temples is most impressive. In Cambodia and around forty kilometres north of Phnom Penh is the former capital city of Udong. Today only the remains of the city’s former splendid buildings indicate that it was the last centre of Angkor’s power with hundreds of dwellings and temples. The ruins of Ayutthaya indicate the impressive dimensions of the former capital of ancient Thailand and one of the mightiest royal cities in South East Asia.Killer skating, epic spots, and a beautifully made video. Grab some popcorn and a beer for this one.
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Music video for Christmas Time performed by Asia Monet.
Directed & Edited by Roland Andre Miller
(P) 2014 Shawn Ray Productions (C) 2000 Sony Music Entertainment
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